About us

It has been built with active rest seekers in mind. Our main aim has been to create a unique place which will enable you to take pleasure in discovering local nature and landscape values in the Kowaniec stream valley.



Opening hours of our Center

Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

An ideal place for you and your family

An attractive terrain with good infrastructure is an ideal option to spend free time with family or friends. A shepherd’s hut, viewing towers, a gallery in tree tops, rich gastronomic, educational and recreational infrastructure will surely meet the needs of all the visitors. Moreover, scheduled expositions and open-air events, shows, workshops and exhibitions will make you a frequent visitor in the Centre.

Winter attractions

Gorczańska Kraina Świateł
Bees are incredibly important insects in our environment, if only for pollinating many plant species. If you want to learn more about these hard-working insects, visit our Gorce Beehive.
Gorczański Kulig
We offer horse-drawn sleigh rides in the Gorce forest with extra attractions (bonfire, regional treats, optional live music).
Gorce Snowride
Set out on an awesome trip by real snowcat to the highest mountain in the Gorce. Discover the beauty of nature in the Gorce in winter, delight in the panoramic views of the Tatras, Pieniny, lake Czorsztyn and Babia Góra.
Atrakcje zimowe
Tube tyre ride on a groomed track in the Gorce forest? Finish at the shepherd’s hut in the Gorce Gateway with tasty regional treats and hot food? All that is fully possible with us.


Our path will take you through all the attractions of the Natural Educational Centre. It starts right behind the ticket office on the level of the forest ground cover. You will gradually rise above the ground.
Wieże widokowe
Gorce forests are a paradise for many winged inhabitants. During the trip, look for the capercaillie, black grouse, golden eagle. Woodpeckers and owls also live here. They may be right next to you, keep your eyes peeled.
Go inside to see what our expert Gorce nature lovers have prepared for you.
Tunel podziemny
It is high time we looked underground. We have reached the entrance to the tunnel. You will learn here what rocks there are in the mountains around you. Perhaps you want to know where the Mały Kowaniec stream, which you can here under your feet, comes from?

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